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September 7, 2017 September 9, 2017

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Caillou Caillou Tells the Truth
12:30am Creative Caillou
1:00am The Berenstain Bears Visit Fun Park / Perfect Fishing Spot
1:30am The Summer Job / The Big Red Kite
2:00am The Furchester Hotel Peckity Woodpecker
2:30am Mr. Huggles Hibernates / Ballroom Dance Weekend
3:00am Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave A Game Show Adventure / A Wishing Adventure
3:30am A Bug Adventure / A Butterfly Adventure
4:00am Maya the Bee A Friend for the Oak / The Runaway Bee
4:30am Doc Slick / Did I Say That?
5:00am Doozers Jetpack Away / Up, Up and Away!
5:30am Follow Your Nose / Mystery Box
6:00am School of Roars Wobbly Tooth
6:10am Snap
6:20am Boo!
6:30am Blushberry Blob Cakes
6:40am Wufflebump Owns Up
6:50am Growling Up
7:00am Dot Dog Doc Dot / Butterfly Away Home
7:15am Nina's World Nina the Artist / Nina and the Missing Myna Bird
7:30am Ranger Rob Rob's Big Sky Park Parade / A Ranger Style Celebration
8:00am Floogals Project Bubble / Project Baby
8:30am Caillou Caillou Learns Patience
9:00am The Wiggles Lachy Can't Sing
9:40am The Furchester Hotel Ballroom Dance Weekend
9:55am Topsy and Tim Lost Cat
10:10am Indoor Tent
10:25am Terrific Trucks Lightning Fast / Losing Site of the Job
10:40am Floogals Project Boxes
10:55am Lily's Driftwood Bay The Dance-Off
11:10am Sarah & Duck Fireworks Dance
11:25am Noddy: Toyland Detective Sticker Mystery / Stolen Treasure
12:00pm Caillou Caillou's Play Time
12:30pm Caillou's Favorite Things
1:00pm Topsy and Tim Family Tree
1:15pm Wiggles' Trip
1:30pm Ranger Rob Ranger Rob's Penguin Patrol / My Pet Ranger
2:00pm Noddy: Toyland Detective Empty Swapsie Wagon / Unhappy Unicorn
2:30pm Space Racers Fly Like an Eagle / Space Racer Storm Chaser
3:00pm Floogals Project Vacation / Project Mail
3:30pm Nina's World Nina the Artist / Nina and the Missing Myna Bird
3:45pm Dot Dog Doc Dot / Butterfly Away Home
4:00pm The Wiggles Doctor Anglais
4:15pm Is That Simon?
4:30pm Topsy and Tim School Run
4:45pm Visiting School
5:00pm Super Wings Aussie Animals
5:15pm Floogals Project Halloween
5:30pm Kody Kapow Snowy Kapow! / Dragon Egg Kapow!
6:00pm Caillou Imagine!
6:30pm Nina's World Nina's Show and Tell / Nina's Snow Day
6:45pm Dot Dog Doc Dot / Butterfly Away Home
7:00pm Masha and the Bear Watch Out!
7:10pm Little Cousin
7:20pm Laundry Day
7:30pm The Jungle Bunch The Valley of the Hundred Perils
8:00pm The Land Before Time The Great Egg Adventure
8:30pm March of the Sand Creepers
9:00pm Masha and the Bear Watch Out!
9:10pm Little Cousin
9:20pm Laundry Day
9:30pm The Jungle Bunch Dance of the Vultures / Planet of the Ape
10:00pm Super Wings Lion Dance / Square Search
10:30pm Space Racers Star Signs / The Hawk Factor
11:00pm Noddy: Toyland Detective Disappearing Traffic Cones / Disappearing Special Things
11:30pm Grey Coins / Missing Anchor