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September 6, 2015 September 8, 2015

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am The Berenstain Bears Go to School / Week at Grandma's
12:20am Thomas & Friends Jitters and Japes
12:40am Poppy Cat Royal Toad
1:00am Clangers Small's New Star
1:20am Lily's Driftwood Bay Storm-a-Coming / Plastic Iceberg
1:40am Caillou Blast Off to Space Caillou
2:00am Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave A Bouncy Adventure
2:20am Pajanimals House of Pancakes
2:40am Caillou Surprise Caillou!
3:00am Barney & Friends On the Road Again!
3:30am Tree Fu Tom Don't Go Glowy
4:00am Barney & Friends The Misbegotten Moon: A Space Adventure
4:30am Play with Me Sesame
5:00am Sesame Street The A Team
6:00am SIGN OFF
6:13am Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave A Hide and Seek Adventure
6:30am Super WHY! The Story of Mother Goose
7:00am LazyTown LazyTown's Greatest Hits
7:30am Chloe's Closet Great Banana Caper
7:45am Thomas & Friends Gordon and Ferdinand
8:00am Tree Fu Tom The Last Squizzle
8:30am Astroblast! Don't Fear the Surfboard
8:45am Super Wings Viking Voyage
9:00am Zou Zou and the Portraits
9:20am Boj
9:40am Zerby Derby Don't Forget to Pack
10:00am Super WHY! The Ugly Duckling
10:40am Bob the Builder Off Road Scrambler
11:00am Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave A Singing Adventure
11:20am Earth to Luna! Salt of the Sea
11:37am The Chica Show Twinkle Toes
12:00pm Caillou Blast Off to Space Caillou
12:30pm Getting the Message
1:00pm The Chica Show Chica's Beach Party
1:15pm Safari Chica
1:30pm Boj
1:45pm Pop's Outback Trek
2:00pm Clangers The Crystal Trees
2:15pm In a Spin
2:30pm Super Wings Great Gondolas
2:45pm Aloha Adventure
3:00pm LazyTown The Lazy Cup
3:30pm Tree Fu Tom Tom's Fan Club
4:00pm Zou Zou Plays Cricket
4:15pm Zou and the Sandcastle Gala
4:30pm Astroblast! Beck and Call
4:45pm Surfin' Space Safari
5:00pm Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave An Apple Tree Adventure
5:15pm A Driving Adventure
5:30pm Earth to Luna! Do Fish Drink Water?
5:45pm How Water Became Rain
6:00pm The Berenstain Bears Trouble With Pets / The Sitter
6:20pm Thomas & Friends Emily and Dash
6:40pm Poppy Cat Tricky Cricket
7:00pm Clangers Holes
7:20pm Lily's Driftwood Bay Fiddlin' Flatfish / Funny Fluffy Things
7:40pm Caillou Caillou Learns Patience
8:00pm Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave A Mountain Adventure
8:20pm Pajanimals Apollo's Special Day
8:40pm Caillou Caillou Cares
9:00pm Stella and Sam Sam's Scarf / Night Fairies
9:20pm Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave An Apple Tree Adventure
9:40pm Astroblast! Sore Loser
10:00pm The Berenstain Bears Trouble With Pets / The Sitter
10:20pm Clangers Bubble Trouble
10:40pm Caillou Doing It Together!
11:00pm Pajanimals I'm Sorry, Really Sorry
11:20pm Zou Zou and the Baby Bird
11:40pm Caillou Caillou Loves the Fall