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September 5, 2017 September 7, 2017

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Caillou Caillou Learns Patience
12:30am Safety First Caillou
1:00am The Berenstain Bears Too Small for the Team / The Prize Pumpkin
1:30am The Bad Habit / Ferdy Factual
2:00am The Furchester Hotel Mystery Weekend / Animal Talk
2:30am The Furchester Hoo-tel / Furchester TV
3:00am Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave A Counting Adventure / An Opposite Adventure
3:30am A Train Adventure / A Sailing Adventure
4:00am Maya the Bee Thank You Wasps / The Outsider
4:30am A Flower to Share / Greedy Frogs
5:00am Doozers The Blue Beaker / Picture Perfect
5:30am In a Fog / Starry Night
6:00am School of Roars Full Moon
6:10am Doohdah
6:20am Funny Bones
6:30am A Very Important Monster
6:40am Monster Choir
6:50am Class Monitor
7:00am Dot Fishing Tale / Slumber Party
7:15am Nina's World Nina Unplugged / Nina the Great
7:30am Ranger Rob A Champion Ranger / Big Sky Park Junior Ranger Training
8:00am Floogals Project Puzzle / Project Helicopter
8:30am Caillou Caillou Explores
9:00am The Wiggles Romp Bomp a Stomp
9:40am The Furchester Hotel Super Rock
9:55am Topsy and Tim Twin Swings
10:10am Sore Paw
10:25am Terrific Trucks Pushing the Pack / Don't Play With the Tire
10:40am Floogals Project Rubberband
10:55am Lily's Driftwood Bay The Carnival
11:10am Sarah & Duck Camera
11:25am Noddy: Toyland Detective Spooky Noise / Upset Animals
12:00pm Caillou Good Friend Caillou
12:30pm Thoughtful Caillou
1:00pm Topsy and Tim Nursery Photo
1:15pm New Bikes
1:30pm Ranger Rob The Yeti Yodelhorn of Big Sky Park / Ranger Rob Rocks
2:00pm Noddy: Toyland Detective Disappearing Rainbow / Flying Toy
2:30pm Space Racers (N)ice Work If You Can Get It / Ace Space Reporter!
3:00pm Floogals Project Leash / Project Umbrella
3:30pm Nina's World Nina Unplugged / Nina the Great
3:45pm Dot Fishing Tale / Slumber Party
4:00pm The Wiggles The Glass is Half Full!
4:15pm Simon Says
4:30pm Topsy and Tim Special Cake
4:45pm Our Teeth
5:00pm Super Wings Runaway Rex
5:15pm Floogals Project Baby
5:30pm Kody Kapow Dumpling Kapow! / Noise Kapow!
6:00pm Caillou Just for Laughs
6:30pm Nina's World Nina from Space / Nina Makes Music
6:45pm Dot Fishing Tale / Slumber Party
7:00pm Masha and the Bear Gone Fishing
7:10pm Call Me Please
7:20pm Holiday on Ice
7:30pm The Jungle Bunch The Night Monster
8:00pm The Land Before Time Stranger From the Mysterious Above
8:30pm The Hermit of Black Rock
9:00pm Masha and the Bear Gone Fishing
9:10pm Call Me Please
9:20pm Holiday on Ice
9:30pm The Jungle Bunch Show Must Go On / The Wild Bunch
10:00pm Super Wings Cheese Chase / Farmer Jett
10:30pm Space Racers Starling Discovers the Moon / Lunar Base Blackout
11:00pm Noddy: Toyland Detective Empty Swapsie Wagon / Unhappy Unicorn
11:30pm Sticker Mystery / Stolen Treasure