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September 4, 2017 September 6, 2017

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Caillou Caillou Explores
12:30am Blast Off to Space Caillou
1:00am The Berenstain Bears Too Much Vacation / The Giant Mall
1:30am The Excuse Note / On the Job
2:00am The Furchester Hotel Count Your Chickens / The Veggietones
2:30am Toast With a Smile / Isabel Gets the Dig Ups
3:00am Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave A Fairytale Adventuure / A Bouncing Adventure
3:30am A Racing Adventure / A Collecting Adventure
4:00am Maya the Bee Queen for a Day / Henry's Cabin
4:30am Wings of a Champion / The Haunted Hive
5:00am Doozers Three's a Team / Sky High Doozers
5:30am A Windy Wonder / Short Order Doozers
6:00am School of Roars Nurse Meepa
6:10am Measuring Chart
6:20am Buddy Bench
6:30am Shriekend News
6:40am Sleepover
6:50am Dressing Up
7:00am Dot Picture This / Garden Skates
7:15am Nina's World Nina the Kite Flyer / Nina's First Sleepover
7:30am Ranger Rob The Lost Yeti Treasure of Big Sky Park / Ranger Ready
8:00am Floogals Project Balloon / Project Trumpet
8:30am Caillou Big Time Caillou
9:00am The Wiggles Emma the Firefighter / Lachy's Orange Hair!
9:40am The Furchester Hotel Peckity Woodpecker
9:55am Topsy and Tim New Friend
10:10am Busy Builders
10:25am Terrific Trucks Play it Safe / Dug Out
10:40am Floogals Project Glue
10:55am Lily's Driftwood Bay Logbook Lookout!
11:10am Sarah & Duck Strawberry Soufle
11:25am Noddy: Toyland Detective Disappearing Rainbow / Flying Toy
12:00pm Caillou Caillou's Discoveries
12:30pm Growing Up Caillou
1:00pm Topsy and Tim Twin Swings
1:15pm Pore Saws
1:30pm Ranger Rob Monkey Business in Big Sky Park / Big Present in Big Sky Park
2:00pm Noddy: Toyland Detective Pink Lettuce / Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces
2:30pm Space Racers Total Eclipse / Titanic Trip
3:00pm Floogals Project Clock / Project Roller Skates
3:30pm Nina's World Nina the Kite Flyer / Nina's First Sleepover
3:45pm Dot Picture This / Garden Skates
4:00pm The Wiggles Wiggle Yoga
4:15pm A Musical Cake
4:30pm Topsy and Tim Family Tree
4:45pm Wiggles' Trip
5:00pm Super Wings Cheese Chase
5:15pm Floogals Project Trumpet
5:30pm Kody Kapow Temple Kapow! / Dance Kapow!
6:00pm Caillou Lost and Found
6:30pm Nina's World Nina the Nurse / Super Nina
6:45pm Dot Picture This / Garden Skates
7:00pm Masha and the Bear Prances with Wolves
7:10pm Jam Day
7:20pm Springtime for Bear
7:30pm The Jungle Bunch Seven Minutes Flat
8:00pm The Land Before Time The Spooky Nighttime Adventure
8:30pm The Lone Dinosaur Returns
9:00pm Masha and the Bear Prances with Wolves
9:10pm Jam Day
9:20pm Springtime for Bear
9:30pm The Jungle Bunch The Cube / For a Fistful of Cahouetes
10:00pm Super Wings Flying Colors / Acting Up
10:30pm Space Racers The Sweet Spot / Vulture's Volcano
11:00pm Noddy: Toyland Detective Disappearing Rainbow / Flying Toy
11:30pm Spooky Noise / Upset Animals