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N/A September 27, 2005

Time Show Episode Image
6:00am Boohbah
6:30am Jay Jay the Jet Plane Picture Day
6:45am Bob the Builder Scoop Saves the Day
7:00am Barney and Friends First Day of School
7:30am Dragon Tales
7:45am Thomas & Friends
7:55am Pingu
8:00am Bob the Builder Scoop Saves the Day
8:15am Kipper
8:25am Big Sister & Little Brother
8:30am Make Way for Noddy
8:45am James the Cat
8:55am Thomas & Friends
9:00am Sesame Street 3786
10:00am The Berenstain Bears
10:15am Kipper
10:30am Teletubbies
11:00am Angelina Ballerina
11:15am Thomas & Friends
11:25am Pingu
11:30am Caillou
12:00pm Sagwa
12:15pm James the Cat
12:30pm Zoboomafoo
1:00pm The Berenstain Bears
1:15pm Big Sister & Little Brother
1:25pm Pingu
1:30pm Barney and Friends
2:00pm Teletubbies
2:30pm Make Way for Noddy
2:45pm Jay Jay the Jet Plane Tracy's Song
3:00pm Caillou
3:30pm Sagwa
3:45pm James the Cat
4:00pm Dragon Tales
4:15pm Big Sister & Little Brother
4:25pm Pingu
4:30pm Barney and Friends
5:00pm Sesame Street 3787
6:00pm Sagwa
6:15pm James the Cat
6:30pm Dragon Tales
6:45pm Thomas & Friends
6:55pm Big Sister & Little Brother
7:00pm Make Way for Noddy
7:15pm Angelina Ballerina
7:30pm The Berenstain Bears
7:45pm Pingu
7:55pm Thomas & Friends
8:00pm Dragon Tales
8:15pm James the Cat
8:25pm Big Sister & Little Brother
8:30pm Angelina Ballerina
8:45pm Kipper
9:00pm Sagwa
9:15pm Kipper
9:30pm Dragon Tales
9:45pm Thomas & Friends
9:55pm Big Sister & Little Brother
10:00pm Make Way for Noddy
10:15pm Angelina Ballerina
10:30pm The Berenstain Bears
10:45pm Pingu
10:55pm Thomas & Friends
11:00pm Dragon Tales
11:15pm James the Cat
11:25pm Big Sister & Little Brother
11:30pm Angelina Ballerina
11:45pm Kipper
12:00am Sagwa
12:15am James the Cat
12:30am Zoboomafoo
1:00am The Berenstain Bears
1:15am Big Sister & Little Brother
1:25am Pingu
1:30am Barney and Friends
2:00am Teletubbies
2:30am Make Way for Noddy
2:45am Jay Jay the Jet Plane Hide and Seek
3:00am Caillou
3:30am Sagwa
3:45am James the Cat
4:00am Dragon Tales
4:15am Big Sister & Little Brother
4:25am Pingu
4:30am Barney and Friends
5:00am Sesame Street 3788